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I will respond to your question. We have discussed adding support for NetCDF ADCIRC solutions, we have even included a library to read NetCDF files. However, the functionality has not been included in SMS 11.1. If the usage of that format increases, the ADCIRC group would justify adding it to the interface. Would you be willing to help test it if we add it?

We would need 1-3 sample applications, of various sizes, with NetCDF files.


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Alan, I would be happy to help. Just let me know what I can do. It would be better to email me (Matt.Bilskie@gmail.com) for quicker responses.

I just started using NetCDF with ADCIRC (with the help of Jason Fleming) and it has proven useful so far, especially with the large file sizes when using the ADCIRC+SWAN code.

- Matt

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