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Layer Elevations, Creating Confining beds


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I have 5 layers in my model, all of which are at different elevations. This model was created prior to GMS' existence and has confining beds between each layer. We have modeled this by setting space between the bottom of layer 1 and the top of layer 2 and so on for all the layers. Whenever I go into the Elevation Arrays and change the values so that this space is evident, it only "sticks" to cells that do not have a layer above it. I have gone into MODFLOW|Global Option|Confining beds and selected that a confining bed be in place beneath layers 1-4. I am using GMS 8.3.

Do you know why I can't make specific elevation ranges for every cell in a layer and/or how I can fix it so that all cells in a given layer are within a specific interval, regardless if a cell is above it or not?

Thank you so much!

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In GMS it is not possible to define a different elevation for the top of layer 2 and the bottom of layer 1. I assume that you are using the BCF package (since this is an old model). The elevations most likely are not being used with the data specified in the BCF package. So you won't be able to visualize the gaps between the layers but the computations by MODFLOW should be fine.

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