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MODPATH Particles

Bruce Campbell

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Is it possible to place particles along the length of a well screen in GMS? It appears that when the "Generate Particles at a Well" command is used, all of the particles are placed at the bottom of the well screen or maybe the bottom of the cell? Alternatively, a cell or cells can be selected and particles places at various places within or on the cell but only tracked in a forward manner. Is there a way to backtrack particles places on or within a cell or place particles at various places on a well screen?

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The "Generate Particles at Wells" function creates a single ring of particles around the center of the cells containing wells. If there is no particle set, GMS creates a new one and sets it to backward tracking because that is what the user probably wants. The tracking direction can be changed later in the particle set properties dialog.

You can create particles at selected cells as you describe and, if necessary, GMS will create a new particle set that is set to forward tracking. Again, you can change the direction to backward later.

Starting at version 8.3, you can import XYZ points as scatter points and then convert them to MODPATH starting locations. This offers a workaround to the limited particle creation options in GMS.

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