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Observation Points


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I have brought a model into GMS that was not created in GMS. The target points from the old model were not transfered over, so I created coverages for each layer (I have 5) and digitized where they were based on grid information I had.

The only thing I selected in the coverage setup was Observation Points|head.

Then I made sure the default layer range and elevation were appropriate for that layer and obersevation points. 3D grid layer option for obs. pts.: is set to By layer number.

I asigned the points elevations within the layer's elevations, made sure the point was actually on the grid, and then saved my file.

Once I do that, I get a warning stating that the 'following observation wells were outside of the model grid and were not written into the *.hob file. Check 3D Grid Layer option for obs. pts. in the coverage setup dialog. Also check that any well screen intersects the model grid."

Theses are observation points concerned with head, so I don't understand where I can input the screen information. The head values are within the layer elevations. Any thoughts?


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Hello Bjacoby,

At first, verify if you have not digitised by mistake a point outside your model. You can right click on each observation coverage and choose Properties and see Min x: Max x: Min y: Max y: Min z: Max z: and be sure there is not an abnormal point, or export your point in a shapefile and do your checks under a sig.

The msg you have got just list all possible reasons for no saving some points and that doesn't mean for example you have defined screen intersects.

Best regards

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Will GMS split wells across multiple layers if the screen spans and associate the appropriate percentage to each?  If so, how does it split it?  by screen length per layer?  per wet screen length per layer?  Does it also consider hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity in the calculation?  

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Dianne - you've placed your question into two locations with both under the topic of Observation Points....but your question seems to be related more to well flow rather than actual observations.  Can you clarify a bit?  If you are asking "I have a well screened across multiple layers and a set flow rate.  How does GMS apply the flow rate in each of those layers?" then I think that we can find that information (I know it is available, as I've looked into it before).

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