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Calibrate concentration in MT3D, GMS 6.5


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Hi. all

I am using GMS 6.5 and now dealing with MT3D.

I am new user of GMS I am now calibrating the concentration model in MT3D.

my model has four layers with different aquifer based on matching boundary methods

I have model in MODFLOW and run in steady state and transient as well.the results seem to be acceptable when compare between observed and simulated head.

then I created new model for MT3D based on Modflow model

I am using 15 observation boreholes

my species are : As, Cu,Pb and Zn

I put my observed data to borehole data instead of head, in order to get generate( interpolate) the initial concentration for whole model and then I copied and pasted to is it correct or not

I created TOB in MT3D

Could you have any idea in order to deal with MT3D to calibrate observed and simulated concentration.

what kind of parameters do I want to calibrate to have proper result.?

I tried to adjust parameter in chemical reaction, but result not good.

Because when I copied the result values and then ploted to Ms excle for R^2 was 0.65 for As and for Cu is 0.97.

Could you please commend on porosity of limestone, Schist, redbedsiltstone and breccia as well as long.disp

chemical reaction supposed to be : langmuir or fruendlich?

an kinldly see an attached file

Thank you very much.

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