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bringing an image into GMS


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I have a model that was created without a reference frame. Now I want to bring in an image or shapefile that shows my site with the model. I have tried to define a coordinate system for the model, but when I bring in the images, they are extremely off.

Is there a way to match up an image and a model without a coordinate system OR is there a way to georeference like you would in GIS where you click on two similar points to line them up?


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If you have two points on your model which is on the same location with two points on the map image, (if you have three it is better):

1. Take note of the coordinate of the two points on the model.

2. File | New

3. Open the image file, change the type to jpg or *.*

4. Register the image, using 2 Point Registration (or 3 Points Registration).

4. Save the file as .gpr

5. Close everything.

6. Run GMS, Open the model.

7. Open the image file, and check "import to current project" option.

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