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MODAEM problem: "Assertion failed: Value for rRad"

Indra Wibisana

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I have received the reply from Aquaveo Technical Support:

Thank you for sending us your files. We have looked at them and found a point on the North East side of the model that is not connected to anything. When we deleted that point the model ran successfully for us.

Thank you for the explanation.

I do not know if I should pursue this via e-mail to Aquaveo Technical Support, so I'm returning to the forum.

What if I need to add a known head at a certain point as a "control point" in the model?

I can not use a point although it has been set as "specified head".

The head value of this "control point" is acquired from field measurement, and it might be anomalous which could be caused by some unknown reason (topographical variation, heterogeneity, pressure variation, or aquifer geometry and distribution, for example)

If I made a short arc to replace the point, would it affect the "accuracy" of the model?

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Thank you for the discussion. :)

Still, I do not understand the meaning of error code "Assertion failed: Value for rRad",

but I found out that I can make satisfactory result for my model using MODFLOW instead.

I can not make a solitary specified head point in MODAEM (either because of the limitation in the package or simply because I just do not know how to do it),

while in MODFLOW, I can just assign the corresponding cell's IBOUND to constant head (-1).

(Well, despite the efforts of adding these control points to obtain a more "accurate" steady state initial condition, in the next transient simulation, this control point is just not suitable for model calibration, it will just differs a lot between field observation data and simulation results) :(

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