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I am attempting to make mulitpul geovolumes for different spatial areas, i have tried to use the batch tool to do the Raster to Geovolume but it seems to only work properly for the first item on the list and the remaining areas do not get assigned horizon IDs. Therefore i have started doing them one by one but i am finding i am needing to close ArcMap between calculations for each area otherwise it wont work, i am having the same issue with the Calculate Z values tool also. Any ideas as to why the tool may be failing for more than one calculation in the map?



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Hi Simone,

You should be able to run the Rasters To GeoVolumes tool in batch mode. I have tested this for a set of TINs and rasters and it seems to work fine.

Also, am not encountering the crash you mentioned. If this is still an issue please let us know.



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