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TABS executables expiring

Alan K. Zundel

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If you are an RMA2 user, you have discovered by now that the executables provided by the USACE-ERDC group have expired. The group that maintains TABS at WES provided updates (32-bit only) for the TABS executables. These are now available and will be included in future installations of SMS.

I have inquired about the possibility of posting 64-bit versions of the executables. If that becomes an option, I will post an update to this topic.

For future reference, the development group at WES has made a committment to use the AdH model in the future instead of TABS. AdH includes hydraulics, transport and water quality in a single engine. It also supports both super and sub-critical flow.

The impact this has on TABS is that the executables that are now being distributed no longer have an expiration date (at least it is set to be about 20 years in the future), and this will be the last anticipated update of these engines. If serious problems are detected, I believe the team will fix them and help the commercial user base.

Questions in this regard can be posted to this forum, sent to the ERDC development group (as instructed by the expired executables), or directed to the Aquaveo tech support group.


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