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SFR2 Upstream / Downstream Elevetions

Bruce Campbell

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Hi Alan -- In a previous post about this topic (whic is "locked" now - or I would have replied to it directly) you say to:

"In our development version you can interpolation to map data (points, nodes, vertices). The attribute table will display the node elevations associated with arcs. So you can just use copy/paste to assign the up and down stream values."

Couple of questions --

1) Is the development version you refer to GMS 9.0?

2) I'm not seeing a way in GMS 9.0 to interpolate to Map Data. How is this done?

3) I have land surface elevations that I want use for the upstream / down stream elevations in the SFR2 package but I can't seem to figure out a way to get them into the package??

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