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Boundary condition for TProgs/Modflow four layers

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I developed a Modflow 4 layers TProgs model to simulate a heterogeneity aquifer.

The aquifer is somewhere separate by a low permeability layer, resulting in a dual aquifer.

Piezometer wells were screened to intercept each aquifer (A or B) or both where there is no separation between them (A+B).

The difference levels of aquifer A and B in the piezometers is about 0.3 m.

The Modflow grid layers where divided in four parts, representing different elevations for recharge, barrier and river coverages. The piezometers intersect all layers and are used as observation points with their top/bottom screens.

The specific heads CHD for sea level is set to 0.1 m for all layers.

But what about the specific heads CHD extracted from the piezometric map and rapresenting the other boundary condition ?

Should I set the piezometric head form piezometers A ? or B?

Should I set the heads on all layers? or only on the layer that best fit the top/bottom screen depth?

Or should I set the specific flow calculated with the Darcy approximatin for all layers?

Any suggestion will be apprechated.

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