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SMS 11.1 Beta Release

Alan K. Zundel

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A beta release of SMS 11.1 has been posted. It will work with either a current SMS 11.0 license, or an evaluation license.

CMS users should not transition to this new version yet because we are still waiting for a new version of the CMS engine. The new engine combines the implicit flow, explicit flow and cms-wave capabilities into a single execuatable and include inline steering. Stick with SMS 11.0 until this is available.

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I have new SMS 11.0 Version. It is a paid version. When I tried to generate fine mesh in SMS 11.0, it has shown one error at the step 'map to 2D mesh'.

The error is like :

"Spacing of vertices on polygons less than duplicate node tolerance. Increase spacing or decrease duplicate node tolerance."

How to solve this problem?



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In the mesh module, go to the nodes menu and select the Options... command. The lower portion of the dialog has a duplicate node tolerance. It defaults to 0.1. If you are working in geographic units or working on lab scale, this tolerance can be too large, so you would need to decrease it.

If you are working in prototype scale in meters or feet, you should be careful trying to generate meshes with spacing less than this because it could result in an extremely large number of nodes and elements.


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