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Observation points in a layered aquifer

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I build a 3D Grid Modflow Model with T-Progs with 4 layers representing an heterogeneity aquifer.

During field investigation boreholes with different depths were installed to record water levels from the upper aquifer and from the lower one.

Supplementary investigations showed that the upper aquifer is not separate from the lower one.

Boreholes for the upper aquifer are screened between layers 1 and 2 and the water level rises to layer 1.

Boreholes for the lower aquifer are screened between layers 3 and 4 but the water level rises to layer 1.

How can I set up an Observation point?

I set up a coverage with the Observation Head and I set 3D Grid option to 'by layer number'.

From the wiki page:

< by layer number - If you select the "by layer number" option in the coverage setup, the computed value will be taken from the cell that corresponds to the layer that is specified in the observation point coverage

What's the 'layer number' to be set (1, 3 or 4) if I want to set Observation points from the lower aquifer or better the boreholes screened in the lower aquifer (layer 3 and 4) with piezometric head rising in the layer 1?

Thank you


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