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I'm following TPROGS tutorial.

I set TSIM to create HUF Array and then I run stochastic Modflow.

In Project explore I can't figure out how to reproduce the stratigraphy cross section illustrated in the last image of the xmswiki web page related to T-PROGS (http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/GMS:T-PROGS).

I re-run TSIM to create materials so I can see them in the 3d cross section of the model.

Is it correct?

Thank you


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Thanks Alan, I checked the 'Display hydrogeologic unit', HUF generated by running TPROGS.

I would like to compare the cross sections generated by GMS with the ones created with Autocad but I can't get the HUF background grid sliced from the 3D Grid.

I attached an image with 2 figures: the first one shows a 3D grid cross section ("side" or "front") with the HUF background grid while the second one shows the desired cross section but without the HUF background grid. What is it showing?

How can I get the HUF background grid in a manual 3D grid cross section?

Thank you.


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When you cut a cross section from a 3D grid, you get the materials that are assigned to the grid cells. Since the HUF data is independent of the grid in the z direction it is not shown on the grid cross sections.

Currently in GMS, you can't cut a cross section and have HUF diplayed on it.

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