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Editing Imported HEC-RAS Model Not Created in WMS

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I am having a problem editing a HEC-RAS model not created in WMS. I read information on another post which stated that you could export from HEC-RAS to WMS by changing the extension of the HEC-RAS GIS export file to .geo. This part of the import went without problem and I was able to successfully import the HEC-RAS model into WMS. However, my task is to add onto this model and extend it futher upstream. I am able to edit the coverage that depicts the centerline of the river to mactch reach as I go further upstream as well as add additional cross sections but I am unable to modify the hydraulic schematic. I am also able to draw additional cross sections on the imported coverage but I am having problems assigning them to the proper reach. I am under a pretty tight deadline and I need to be able to edit this data to finish my project. Please help.



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Here's the order you should do things:

1) Import your RAS .geo file.

2) Extend your stream centerline upstream and add bank locations (if desired) in the 1D Centerline coverage.

3) Draw any additional cross sections to your model in the 1D Cross section coverage.

4) Read TIN or DEM data or generate a TIN from your imported .geo data using the cross section coverage (this option is available in the cross section coverage river tools menu). You may need to do some manipulation from various sources of elevation/DTM data to get elevation data covering all your cross section areas.

5) Go to the 1D Cross section coverage and extract cross sections for all or just the new cross sections (just select them) and create a new cross section database.

6) Select the 1D Centerline coverage and select Map->Schematic.

7) Go to the river module and define your model data (manning's roughness values and materials).

8) Export your model to HEC-RAS

9) Finish defining data for and run HEC-RAS

10) Read the solution back into WMS, if desired, and do a floodplain delineation.

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