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Layer material coverage trap

Rob Virtue

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Using 8.3.5 (and presumably older versions). If you are using material coverages for different layers, do not combine other attributes in the material coverage. If you include recharge in one of the material layers (typically layer 1) it will copy the material along with recharge from that coverage over all layers. If only materials (and colour) are used in the coverages, they map properly to the appropriate layers.

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I made a simple model to try replicate this problem but it seemed to work correctly. Do you have a simple set of steps for reproducing the problem?

I have a 2 layer grid, 2 coverages. Coverage 1 has material 1 assigned as well as recharge and it is assigned to layer 1. If I map just this coverage over only the material for the cells in layer 1 changes but not layer 2. Coverage 2 has material 2. If I map over both coverages at the same time the materials are assigned correctly.

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I created the first layer coverage with materials and various boundary conditions (GHB, RCH, DRN) assigned to layer 1-1. I then copied the coverage to produce the materials + colour polygons for the lower layers (2-4) and unclicked all the boundary/source/aerial property conditions, so that the copies only mapped colour and materials. Despite changing the materials and colours in the new coverages, when they were all mapped only the layer 1 materials applied. If I mapped the layers individually all was well, until I mapped the top layer. The problem was fixed by creating another copy of the primary, layer 1 coverage, for layer 1 materials and colour only. Thus I ended up with 5 coverages: boundary conditions for layer 1 (all other layers had no-flow external boundaries and no internal boundaries); then materials and colour for layers 1-4.

It is not a problem I have ever noticed before, although I do not often use coverages to apply materials to layers.

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