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Extraction well and sphere of influence

Jeremy Croes

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Dear GMS forum,

I would like to make a very simple model of an extraction well.

The purpose is just to visualize the influence sphere and the drawdown.

The well is suppose to extract 20 m³/h, but only operate 6 hours a day.

For this reason I'm trying to do it in a transient state as a steady state model gives errors.

What would be the most simple way of doing this?

The no-flow boundaries of the model have a very large distance from the well, so that they could not effect the well.

Furthermore all layers except top are set as confined.

I have also tried implementing a mirror well far from the extraction well, so that influx matches outflux.

But the sphere of influence is then altered and not symmetrical as one would expect.

Thank you for any help!


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If you are taking water out of the model, you need to be putting some in, or everything will dry up. As you noted, an injection well changes your drawdown shape. You need to have enough recharge to offset the withdrawal and it would be distributed evenly across the model to get an even drawdown.

In addition, if your starting heads are too far off from your solution, you could run into problems.

One more thing - make sure to run the model checker to see if you have everything in the model you need.

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