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Exporting Model Run Head Contours to AutoCAD in GMS 6.0


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Hi, I am running GMS for a site simulation, and I have an extensive site basemap CAD file that I wish to keep in the simulation files. I exported the head output from a previous run to the CAD file by displaying the run's head output from the 3D Grid module and then choosing "Data...Convert to CAD". At that point it asked me if I wanted to delete the current CAD data. I answered "No" and so it added the head contours as a new CAD layer in the CAD file in the Project Explorer. Now on subsequent runs I have a new head file and I want to add or replace the current head contours in the CAD file but it does not do it unless I delete the whole file. I suspect that it is because it assigns the same name to the CAD layer and does not allow itself to overwrite a CAD layer.

The Help directory says I should just be able to use the "Save As..." command and save whatever is open to a DXF/DWG file, but the "Save As" command does not offer a DWG/DXF option. Am I missing a module or something?

Here's what the Help file says about the subject:


GMS data can be exported to a DWG or DXF file that can then be read into a CAD package. If there is CAD data in memory when a GMS project is saved, GMS creates a new DWG file from the CAD data. The file is put in the same folder with the other project files and named using the project prefix.

Any CAD data in memory can also be saved using the Save As command in the File menu. You can select either the DWG or DXF file types to save the CAD data. GMS objects must first be converted to CAD data before CAD data can be exported. To convert GMS data to CAD data, use the Convert To CAD command in the Display Menu.

It also says:

Exporting Non-native GMS Files

GMS can export files that can be used in other software. There are two methods to export data from GMS. Data can exported through the Save As dialog or by right-clicking on items in the Project Explorer.

Exporting through Save Dialog

The file types that can be exported are shown in the table below. To export a particular file type, the file filter corresponding to that file type should be selected in the Save dialog.

File Type

File Ext



.dxf, .dwg

Saves the current CAD data to a dxf or dwg file. You can convert your GMS data to CAD data by using the Data->CAD command in the CAD menu in the Map module.

But neither the right-click nor the "File...Save as" seems to offer anything for CAD.

Anyone else figure this out?

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Thanks Sean, yes, I know that I can export the CAD file once it is created. My problem is that the "Display....Convert to CAD" step will not convert my head contours to CAD unless I delete all the CAD data in memory. The problem I'm describing is that I have a CAD file that already includes a head contour CAD layer from a previous run. I want to overwrite that head contour CAD layer with one from a newer run, but it will not allow me to do so at the "Display....Convert to CAD" step, unless I delete all the CAD data in memory, which in my case includes the site map, other concentration and elevation contours, etc. I do not want to delete all the CAD data just to get the head contours, I just want to add the new head contours CAD layer to my existing CAD data (and preferably delete the old head contours).

Also, I do not understand why the Help file says there is a "File... Save as..." DXF/DWG option, when none appears in my menu. Is the Help file fibbing?

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Okay - I just tested what you are trying to do. I agree, it leaves the data in there from the previous run and you can't get rid of it without deleting all of your CAD data.

The Help file information is definitely from an older version when that was the method to save a DXF/DWG file.

All of this being said, I find it interesting that you are trying to convert your contours to CAD and use them in GMS as a CAD layer. I typically use CAD as my background and would just use the contours generated by GMS without converting to CAD. Sometimes I will export the contours as a DWG file to be pulled into the original CAD file (or a different file) outside of GMS. In any case, I establish my background CAD file outside of GMS such that I can pull it into GMS any time I want. If you do this, you don't have to worry about deleting the CAD data in GMS and just pull it in again. However, we all have different reasons for doing things different ways.....

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