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Modelling drawdown, drawup and seepage into a tunnel?


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Im trying to modell the drawdown and the drawup of brine by simulating seepage into a tunnel. The modell is in 2D, width and "height/depth".

I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. DRAIN seems to be a good way to take the seepage/leakage into the tunnel away from the model because as I have understood it, it couples the head and the seepage to each other.

The question is, how do I calculate the conductance-parameter, or should I just try different values to get an appropriate value of the seepage?

How is the DRAIN affected by the elevation and head above? Is the elevation-parameter the level at which the drain/tunnel is situated or the head above?

Is there any way to easily create a gradient of brine in SEAWAT? The brine is has more salt at deeper depth in the area being modelled.

Is this the best way to modell the situation, or do you have any other way to suggest?

WIth regards


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I have built a coarse model over my system and is running MODFLOW, MT3D and SEAWAT one after another without error, except for when i run SEAWAT. At the end of the run, with the message of a succesful completion I get an error message saying :

"The following dataset(s) were invalid and have been removed from the project: Head, salt"

Why does this happen and how do I stop it happening?

With regards, robinb

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