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hi there.,

is it possible to sum two WSE data sets spread in time (between say some time bounds) on a sampled time interval.

though resampling option is there is sms, i'm concerned with merging two different data sets.

can any one suggest some work out.

Thanks in advance,

Karunakar kintada

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To sum the data sets, they must have the same timesteps. It doesn't make sense to combine to water levels from different times.

The resampling funciton in the data set toolbox will create separate data sets with the new time sampling. You can compare those to the originals to make sure they are consistent.

Then you can sum the results of the resampled data sets.

Let me know if I'm missing something.

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I think Karunakar means merging two data sets with different times into single one containing both times.

As I know SMS cannot do this.

I have self-developed utility to do this. It has some limitations but anyway.

If it's really what is needed I can share it.

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So the desired functionality is to take data set 1 with time step values of t1 to t2 and combine it with data set 2 that has time step values from t3 to t4 resulting in a new data set (data set 3 with time steps from t1-t4)?

I believe I can give you a set of instructions to do this in the data calculator if you are interested.

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