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Radius of influence and capure zone

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I build 3d modflow model (confined aquifer).

Grid size is derived from setting a refine point in the well location with 0.5 m lenght and 1.2 Bias.

I set two boundaries condition : CHB sea level = 0.1 m asl (est side of the model), CFB Q=60 m3/d (west side of the model), obtained from Darcy Q=kiA and confirmed by running the model with two constant head boundaries conditions.

I run the model with a single pumping well (extraction well).

The calculated radius of influence with the Sichardt formula is 1 m (drawdown in the well is obtained by reading the head values before and after activating the pumping well). Only 1 cell around the well!

By means of the particle tracking, the capture zone hightlights a more wide area.

I calculate the sidestream (maximum capture zone width from the central line of the plume) and downstream (stagnation point) with Q,K,b,i model values and I get 2x the capture zone of the model.

How can I solve the difference between the radius of influence and the two different value of the capture zones?

Thank you.

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