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MNW2 Menu Error ?


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I believe that the connection between the Qlimit menu selection and the associated variables is incorrect. The selection of the Hlim variable is not available for Qlimit = +1 which sets a limit to the head value in a pumping well. I believe that Hlim, Qfrcmn, and Qfrcmx should be available when Qlimit is +1 and when Qlimit is -1. The only difference is that when Qlimit is -1 you specify a time series for the values rather than a constant.

I am basing this from the on-line guide to modflow http://water.usgs.go...x.html?mnw2.htm . I am just learning to use MNW2 so I am not positive that my understanding of the input is correct. Especially since the on-line guide says to use dataset 2f if Qlimit is positive (Note 7) and use dataset 4b if Qlimit is negative (Note 10), but the two data sets look like they are identical to me.

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On page 49 of the MNW2 documentation it says the data set 2f is required if Qlimit > 0. 2f is the following:

Hlim QCUT {Qfrcmn Qfrcmx}.

So I think that Hlim should be available.

If Qlimit < 0 then data set 4b is required. 4b is the same as 2f except that it is specified for each stress period. In GMS if you select Qlimit < 0 then Hlim and the other values are edited in the spread sheet that lets you specify data per stress period.

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