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Well diameter and cell size in a Modflow steady state simulation

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I buit a 3 layer modflow model with LPF package.

Layer 1, agricolture soil, Layer 2 loam, Layer 3 sand (main aquifer, set as convertible).

Cell size: 25 x 25 x 6 m (one cell in each layer), costant grid size.

I create a new coverage with Wells flag checked and Layer range 3 to 3 and I add a new point/well with the desired pumping rate to my steady state calibrated simulation.

When I run the mode, the model show the contouring head generated from the pumping well and from the other boundary condition.

Is it correct even if my well diameter is 0.5 m and my cells size is 25m?

Should be better to add a refine point with base size 0.5 m and bias 1.2 and build a new 3d grid?


Daniele Lattuada

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