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blank value? like NaN in MATLAB?


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Hello All,

I am trying to import a big scatter data set into SMS and I don't want SMS to show certain points if their z value is larger than some number. Is there a value for SMS like NaN in MATLAB that will lead SMS to disregard that point and not show up in contour plot?



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Hi Younes,

You can specify a range of values for SMS to contour in the display options that would exclude the values above a certain value. To do so:

1. select "Display | Display Options"

2. select the "Scatter" item in the upper left

3. select the "Contours" tab

4. select "Specify a range"

5. enter the maximum value you'd like SMS to contour, then deselect the "Fill above" checkbox to the right of the Max field

6. Select "OK"

SMS should now only display contours that are below the maximum value you specified.

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