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Import from web - aerials in b/w


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I am having the same issue when trying to import from the Terraserver. I have tried it in a couple of versions of SMS and all seem to be doing it when it has worked in the past on those versions so it appears to be an issue with the Terraserver.

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All Terraserver aerial photos are in black and white. The SMS "Import From Web" tutorial shows a color image just before you download the image from Terraserver, but this image is from the Virtual Earth Map Locator window, which is in color in SMS. The Virtual Earth Map Locator is only used by SMS to identify the location and extents of the area to download data from. The actual aerial imagery is downloaded from Terraserver.

In the next release of SMS (SMS 11.1), there will be better tools to download images (including aerial images) similar to what WMS 9.0 uses.

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