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Generating Data from Solids

Chris Sanders

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I am having some difficulty with my model and am following the Modflow- Generating Data from Solids tutorial. I am up to section 6.3 where I am selecting Feature Objects| Activate cells in coverage. The problem I encounter is that the only layer left in the grid is the first layer in the z direction (top to bottom). If you could either tell me when it is doing this or give me a suggestion, that would be greatly appreciated.



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Most likely this is because which ever coverage(s) your are using to define the model boundary is only assigned to layer 1. In the coverage setup dialog (double click on the coverage) you will see a toggle indicating if the coverage is used to define the model boundary and then you will see edit fields that show what layers the coverage is assigned to, Adjust the number of layers and then try the Activate cells command again. You may have to reset the ibound to 1 before doing the Activate cells command.

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