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Hi everyone,

am using the WDMUtil for Basins4 modeling software and I would like to import all the local weather data that I have in text format into WDMUtil by creating an import script in order to write them in WDM file. And when I open the "script creation wizard", in the file properties I try to specify that I have one line of heading and a tab-delaminated file that I want to import. But in the "data mapping" tab, if I consider the daily precipitation values, the "hour" which represents the hour the observations were made must be set correctly; so I put "24" in the cell that correspond to constant column and hour row for daily data since we don't really have a column for hour. However I don't know how to set the hour and minutes for Hourly precipitation values. I've tried to set 24 for hour, 60 for minutes (1st try) but the time series are not correct because it's giving me the same hour for each value. Another thing that I've tried is to set 0 for hour and 60 for minute (2nd try) and the error message appear. A third try is 0 for hour and +60 for minute in order to obtain all the 24hours of one day!

Attached are images of the errors message!







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Your 2nd try is closest to getting what you need. One way you can read this file is to separate the hour and minute values with a tab instead of a ":". Then try entering 5 for the hour input column with no constant value and 6 for the minute input column with no constant value. That should fix your problem. The problem is that WDMUtil does not know what to do with the ":" in the hour column.


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