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Edit multiple coverages simulataneously

Jeremy Croes

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I am trying to edit multiple coverages at once, specifically the model boundaries of each coverage.

After running the model, I realized that the model area was too small, hence the problem.

I am trying to do this by changing the node coordinates of each coverage's (layer) model boundary.

All layers have the same nodes with the same coordinates.

Depending on the amount of layers I have, this can turn out to be a lot of work.

So I was wondering if I could select all coverages/layers at once and change certain features (e.g. node coordinates).

Or is there another easier way?

I have tried using the "transform" utility, but I can only multply my coordinates like this.

If I could add or subtract to the X, Y or Z directions, it could probably be of more use.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Jeremy,

I apologize for the delayed response to your post. There isn't currently a way to select and edit multiple objects in different coverages in GMS. I also can't think of another way to do this automatically. The issue with editing multiple objects is that the same node can have multiple data types assigned to it, and editing it in one place will not automatically update the coordinates elsewhere which would cause problems. For example, if you have a node that has one arc that is specified as a river arc and another arc that is specified as a specified head arc, the node will show up in two separate rows in the attribute table and changing it's coordinates on one row would not automatically update those coordinates on the other row. That being said, I have submitted this feature request as well as this one, which would make it easier to do what you are trying to do.

Also, regarding the "transform" tool, you can add/subtract specified values from X, Y, and Z coordinates by using the "Translate" option, but this will just have the effect of shifting your domain rather than making it larger since it makes the change to all data.

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