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WMS-GSSHA: out of memory issue


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I am running a longterm simulation with GSSHA (5 years), the simulation runs fine but after running few months then the model run goes very slow and freezes at some point, my impression is that WMS keeps the results in the memory and writes into files after Reading solution on exit. So it seems since the my model is writting hourly results into memory that is why it freeses. Is there any way to avoid this issue?



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WMS does not read any results until after GSSHA finishes running or you decide to kill GSSHA. My guess is that there is something that is not defined correctly in your model that may be creating a problem with the GSSHA run. I'd recommend you try running a short-term simulation with your model with all the processes such as evapotranspiration and infiltration off and see how the model runs. If everything runs well and the results look good, add each of the processes individually and try running the model for each process. Doing this will help you debug where the problem with your model might lie. In the end, if you run your long term simulation and GSSHA still has problems running without figuring out the particular process creating a problem, you could contact the Aquaveo tech support team and we could help you figure out the problems with your model. You could also check out the official GSSHA wiki web site/help page (gsshawiki.com) for more detailed information about GSSHA and some contact information at the USACE.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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