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Enetering Tidal Forcing Data for ADCIRC


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I am having more trouble than usual in entering tidal forcing data in SMS. In the v10 I have been using until recently I knew that the tidal forcing info wasn't accepted first time through and I would have to go back and enter it after a first exit. This time using v11 everytime I enter the forcing data SMS kindly wipes it for me <_<

Any suggestions?



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Hi Alan,

I have just restarted working with ADCIRC in earnest now the 1st semester has now finished. Yes this is still a problem. I tried saving the fort.15 file by running the model with the tidl forcing of 0. I then edited the fort.15 file by hand, which is easy as this is a simple test case but I wouldn't fancy it for a large model. However SMS complained about not having the right number of nodes in the boundary condition, which is strange because I just edited the amplitude in the tidal forcing. Also it runs happily from the command line wqith this altered file.


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Sorry about the slow reply. I have been out of the office. Let me make sure I understand your situation.

1. You build the grid and specify a 0.0 tidal force in SMS and save the project.

2. You open the fort.15 and modify the amplitudes and phases by hand.

3. SMS complains when you try to reopen the project, but ADCIRC runs from the command line.

Is that correct?

Can you send me the fort.14 and fort.15 files?

We can discuss getting more complex tidal forcing once we get past this initial hurdle.


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