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Script for automating the creation of water level and water quality maps


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A tutorial on handling Time Series related with Wells is available at the Arc Hydro Groundwater Learning Center: http://www.aquaveo.com/ahgw-learning. This tutorial describes a process of taking measurements, calculating statistics, and interpolating surfaces representing water levels (or water quality).

A number of users have asked about automating this process. The following python script helps create a workflow to automate the production of water level and water quality maps. The workflow includes the following steps:

  1. Use the Create Time Series Statistics to calculate statistics for a specified time frame (e.g. average water level for a time period).
  2. Interpolate a raster from the summary statistics to represent a continuous surface over a defined area (e.g. county).
  3. Add the raster to a RasterSeries catalog with its time indexes (this helps you manage the raster sand animate them).

To use the script just copy over the python file and toolbox file to the same directory. if you want to use the model available in the toolbox you will need to Edit the model and specify the input parameters to match your data. You can batch the model/script to create a set of rasters for different time periods.

example script and toolbox.zip

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