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transient model MT3D


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Hello everybody

I'm trying to generate a transient MT3D model within a transient Modflow model, I am getting some troubles obtaining the transient time steps that i would like as same as of my transient flow time steps,

i am using 48 time steps in my modflow model, but when I'm getting the results the MT3D gave me only 1 time step

it is possible to calibrate this transport model somehow?, because i have no idea about the initial concentrations but i know the area where the contaminant comes from; i know only concentrations observed in some observation points, how could i approach this issue?

Thanks a lot to whom would give me a light in this case.

have a nice day


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I am not sure what is happening with your MT3D time steps. With a transient MODFLOW model the MT3D stress periods and timesteps must match the MODFLOW stress periods and time steps. MT3D also has something called a transport time step. MODFLOW time steps will usually be subdivided into these transport time steps.

It is possible to calibrate the transport model. You can enter observed concentrations at observation points and then adjust model inputs to improve the fit. One approach is to estimate the initial input concentration and track that forward in time. As you calibrate the model you may adjust the initial input concentration.

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hello Alan,

thanks a lot for your tip, i'm trying without any success, i don't not why mt3d does not use the same time steps as in modlfow, instead generates me only few transport time steps

ill be sending you today another question.

thanks in advance for you help.


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