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transient calibration of a groundwater flow/transport model


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hello everybody

I'm making a transient model for a contaminated area (North and south constant heads, west and east no flow boundary conditions, and flow direction from north to south). i have already a calibrated steady model with maximum differences between observed and calculated heads of about 66cm.

in this area i have threee pumping wells that controlled mostly the groundwater behaviour. when i run the transient model it runs without any problem but the calibrations are not as satisfactory as in the steady state.

what i would like yo ask you is how could i try to reppresent the constan variation of the water table if i have a fixed water table in the north and south for the whole time steps. Also i have fixed constant the recharge for all the time steps. K remain the same.

when i see the results of my transient calibraion on the plot wizard for the time series, i can see that for all the observation wells that i have there is no variation on the head level. The head of any selected observeation well remains stable during all the time steps while the observed values and the calibrated vary. HOW can i constraint my model to represent THOSE UP AND DOWNS IN THE OBSERVED WATER TABLES?

thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

could be useful to use time varian specific heads for my initial conditions at north and south?


and keep saving water!

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