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precipitation and hydrometeo data for GSSHA


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I am new to GSSHA and I am having issue with precipitation and hydrometeo data for GSSHA long-term simulation: I have daily rainfall data and since GSSHA uses hourly data for long-term I was wondering how I can present my weather data at daily time step. Is it okay If put same hour for all my daily data to keep the right format; for example:

year month day hour min prec

2012 3 3 12 00 66

2012 3 4 12 00 10

But I am thinking this could be wrong if GSSHA considers that all this rainfall occured in one hour.



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I think GSSHA would distribute the precipitation you define at each time over the entire day, but I can't be sure if this is what it does without further testing. If you have not already done this, I'd recommend going through the "Long Term Simulations in GSSHA" tutorial located in the WMS learning center:


Also, the GSSHA reference manual, has the following recommendation: "Avoid using precipitation data with temporal resolution coarser than 1 hour" (see http://gsshawiki.com/gssha/Precipitation:Spatially_and_Temporally_Varied_Precipitation). One way around this problem is to use the Time Series Editor (distributed with WMS 8.4 and later) to edit time series data so it spread out over the entire day instead of having a daily value for precipitation.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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