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GMS 8.2.3 Released

Erik McCarthy

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Some bugs for 8.2.3 64-bit.

- Scatter point sets or nodes are created with multiple symbols but GMS will only display square or circular symbols (hence other symbols are invisible). Work around –change symbol to square or circle;

- Select scatter point set option only appears to work with sets created since model was opened, which prevent merging of scatter point sets. Work around – Copy scatter point sets required to merge and the pentagonal scatter point set will be visible.

- Modflow source/sink symbols (other than drain) not showing up on grid, despite de-selecting, re-selecting, refreshing or selecting “check all”.

- Activating cells activates all polygons in any coverage that has the activation box ticked, even if not mapped to the model. Work around – ensure only the one desired coverage has the box ticked.

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