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STWAVE Nested Grid Error


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I’m trying to run a nested grid in STWAVE on my computer. I have version 11.0.03 of SMS. When I run the software I get an error message:

forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit 908, file C:\Documents and Settings\klonskyls\My Documents\FEMA\FY11_STWAVE\TO7_STWAVE_20120313__Cartesian \Cartesian .nest.out

Image PC Routine Line Source

STWAVE.exe 00571A0A Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 0056EBF8 Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 005153A0 Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 0051457A Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 00508509 Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 0045441C Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 0045CA73 Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 005799D3 Unknown Unknown Unknown

STWAVE.exe 00558323 Unknown Unknown Unknown

kernel32.dll 7C817067 Unknown Unknown Unknown


and the .nest.out file from the parent grid is always blank.

I have tried re-installing the software and I still get the same problem.

When I run the nested grid with the same file on a different computer it works fine.

Please help!


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Hello BuiFA,

Could you please follow the instructions below to upload your files to our FTP site so we can look into the problem?

1. Create a new folder with a unique name on your computer and copy all of your project files into it. (please zip up the folder)

2. Open windows explorer (My Computer).

3. Enter "ftp://pubftp.aquaveo.com/incoming/" in the address bar.

4. (If the "Log On As" dialog box appears) check the box labeled "Log on anonymously" and click "Log On".

5. Copy the folder with your project files in it into the "incoming" folder.

6. Send an e-mail to support@aquaveo.com telling us the name of the folder you uploaded and exact steps taken to produce the problem.

*Please help us stay organized by putting all of your files in a single folder before you upload them. After you upload the files, you will not be able to edit them.



Aquaveo Technical Support

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