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LTEA fails with "Minimum size less than or equal to zero"

Nick Yates

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Hi Folks.

Need some help please - I am using SMS 10.0 (can't upgrade - we are a poor university department).

I have created a simple linear grid of 270,000 nodes, and I now want to refine this using LTEA.

The grid has a resolution of 15km at the boundary, going down to 1km in regions of interest.

No matter what I put into the LTEA options, I still get this error "Minimum size less than or equal to zero".

The error seems to come pretty much at the end of the process, as I can see several scatter sets created when the process errors out.

I have tried -

Putting allowed nodes up to 400,000 +/- 400,000.

LTEACD instead of LTEA

Putting dx down to 500.00 instead of 1000.0

I have left use partial molecule unclicked.

I have now run out of things to try - could you please advise?

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I had your same problem, what I did was just ignoring the message. After that I came back to the map module, selected the "scalar paving density" as

meshing method of my polygon attributes, and use the scatter set named "DelX - Final" as scalar meshing function.

This should generate a mesh according to the scaled spacing in output from the LTEA linear run analysis.

I am not sure this is the proper way to use LTEA, I am trying to contact SMS support team to solve this and other problems


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