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SMS crashes when using LTEA

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I am trying to run the LTEA toolbox of ADCIRC in order to adapt a mesh of around 125 000 elements that was previously created .

The LTEA procedure works fine, the Linear run comes to the end with success but after that the software crashes. I am using SMS 10.1.11.

The same problem repeats if instead of using my mesh I choose to generate a new mesh with the toolbox (create a linear run mesh option)

How can I solve the problem?


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I have succesfully generated new meshes with the LTEA toolbox for large oceanic domains not including emerged bottom features (I am using version 11.0.3)

When I try to remesh an existing mesh which includes an oceanic part and an estuary, and hence with parts of the bathymetry scatter set above mean sea level, the program still crashes.


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Good day,

I am using again the Mesh Generation toolbox available with ADCIRC in order to adapt a mesh that I previously created, and I noticed that a new option, LTEACD, has been added. From a first series of trials I understood that LTEACD does not use the 9 x 9 molecule and re-meshes the whole domain (internal nodes and node along the boundaries) while LTEA only internal nodes. Are there any documents or tutorial briefly explaining the caracteristics of LTEACD?

The SMS relative page seems not edited yet.


Best regards,


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As I came back to run the ADCIRC grid generation toolbox, I noticed that, in comparison with around 1 year ago, the LTEA+CD output of SMS version 11.1.14 does not include the scatterset called "LteaCDResults". The latter corresponded to the error associated with the truncation of the governing equation. As I am using the same version, I do not understand why this is happening. Is it possible to know which changes have been implemented to the algorithm, if any? I did not fond any mention in the SMS bug release page http://xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:Bugfixes_SMS

Thank you.

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