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Map file schema or round trip conversion


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Hi all,

I have some techniques I would like to apply to the boundary nodes/vertices of my mesh map to regularize curvature and conform to boundaries better. Ideally, the nodes would then go back into a map file. Is there a published schema for the map file? I've heard of a couple other users who are interested but none of us can find it (hint to Aquaveo). Obviously huge chunks of the file are pretty obvious, and I think I could extract and replace the topology and elevations ignoring mystery bits, but I'd like to have more confidence.

If there is such a schema, I would gladly create a python class that represents the information and add round trip parsing and writing to sms. Or maybe someone has already written something similar?

If not, is there a lossless roundtrip coversion I can do between .map and another more standardized format? I have seen references to .map -> dxf/dfg -> shapefile. I know I can also import a shape file ... so we could do what we need based on ArcGIS programming ... but I would welcome an easier way.



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