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Mesh creation from scatter points


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I have a DEM file, and I would like to create a mesh from it. I imported the file as scatter points and then I filtered the data with the filter angles option. Then I made the triangulation, but in some areas I still have a huge amount of triangles, with elements connecting all the points of the DEM. How is it possible to create a coarser mesh, with bigger triangles? I would like to have an interpolation during the triangulation process, not only a connection of the scatter nodes…

Thank you very much!


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Hi Matteo,

What you should do is use the map module to create what we call a conceptual model to specify where the nodes should be placed. Then you interpolate the data from the DEM to the nodes.

You can read the values in as a raster. A raster will keep all the original points (there is no filtering). However, it is managed in a way that allows more data and will display faster than the same data as a TIN.

If you look at the tutorial labeled overview, it goes over a little bit about crating a mesh using a conceptual model. Try working through it to help. If you read the DEM as a raster, choose raster as the bathymetry source when doing the map->2d mesh.

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