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incompatibility between versions 4.0 and 6.5


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I'm a new GMS user. I'm working on a model developped on GMS 4.0;

I'm now using the GMS version 6.5, and i d'like to be sure that the errors that modflow is showing are not due to a problem of incompatibility between the versions 6.5 and 4.0 ?

After the running of MODFLOW, the following message error appear: "error reading eo** " (non sens characters), and after clicking OK, a new message error appears : " premature end of file "name of my file".CCF " .

Thank you for your help


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Dear Alan,

I have also encountered with the same error " Model.hed. File formatted incorrectly" and "Premature end of file.ccf " .

I am using GMS 10.0 Version.

To my knowledge I have entered correct input data.

Can you please help me in sorting out this issue ?

Thank you.


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Thank you for your quick response.

As u mentioned I have checked *.out file, MODFLOW did not get terminated successfully.

Last line of the output file is " SOLUTION DIDNOT CONVERGE FOR HEADS ".

While checking the simulation I have encountered with the error " Starting heads lower than bottom elevation" . I have solved that error by making IBOUND values inactive for those cells. Now there are no errors after I run "check simulation".

I used PCG solver, increased iterations to 100, 500 and 1000. But every time it ends up giving the same error.

 Mapping of data (elevations, starting heads) to MODFLOW layers has been done correctly.

I am not able to understand where the error is there in my model.

Thank you.

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Forgot to make the query in detail before editting.
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