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Using "build polygons" on a selection of arcs


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we're using SMS 10 at my office and i've always been wondering about something

on the SMS wiki it says the "build polygons" command can be used on a group of (looped) arcs as long as those arcs are selected while using the command

however i've found this doesn't seem to work on any of our computers

whenever i try to select a group of arcs to build polygons out of it will still always convert all available polygons

this is of course very time consuming if i only want to rebuild a single polygon but have to sometimes rebuild several thousand at once

is there any reason why this might not work?

thanks in advance

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I'm sorry that this isn't working for you. This may have functioned this way at one time but it has always built all polygons for as long as I can remember.

The way we store and work with polygon data it may have limited benefit. Part of the information stored is the topology of the polygons (who am I inside and who is inside me). We have what is called, the "universal polygon" which isn't a true polygon. It contains the information of all the polygons who aren't inside of any other polygons. One of the more time consuming processes is keeping that up to date correctly. Trying to keep that up to date while building a single polygon at a time, may not have saved much time and may have been tricky. In any case, somewhere along the line this functionality was discontinued.

The good news is that a new polygon building algorithm was implemented that is far faster than the old algorithm. I can't remember exactly when this came along and it may be new to SMS 11.0. I would recommend getting a trial password to SMS 11.0 and seeing if working with polygons is less painful.

I hope my explanation makes some sense. While I can't remember the functionality being discontinued, I can certainly appreciate some of the reasons it may have come about. As I say, because of some of the complications involved it may not have saved much time anyhow. I apologize for the error in the documentation.



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