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Help out there in hydro land!!

I was fooling with Arc 10 and beta geohms.

Experienced number of problems when I got to geohms stage (everything worked fine in archydro stage). Geohms not table ready for us average users. So I am surrendering.

I would like to use my layers from Arc in WMS. When I get to creating WMS server in Arc, my eyes glaze over. Can someone give me a step by step tutorial on getting these files into WMS? Warning, when it comes to things outside the software (url--server etc,etc) I'm challenged, so when I say step by step, I mean literally.

Thank you in advance

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There is no specific step-by-step process for getting all your files into the Watershed Modeling System (WMS) and using them in WMS. You can read any file that can be read into ArcGIS into WMS by going to the GIS module and enabling ArcObjects using the Data | Enable ArcObjects menu command. There are two limitations for using this command. First, you need use the 32-bit version of WMS to use ArcObjects. ArcObjects does not work with the 64-bit version. Second, we recommend using ArcObjects with ArcGIS 10.0 or later installed. It actually should work with ArcObjects 9.3 and later, but there are a few problems with loading raster data in this version.

If your WMS maintenance is current, you should download the latest version of WMS from Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads?tab=3#TabbedPanels. One feature in WMS 8.5 (it's still in beta mode) that you might be interested in is that it can load and convert almost any type of GIS data to a format that can be used in WMS without the need to have ArcGIS installed. You can also get some nice background maps using online data sources in WMS 8.5. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd encourage you to run through the tutorials and look at the videos on the WMS learning center page and to look through the new features available in WMS 8.5.

The WMS learning center is located here:


The new features in WMS 8.5 are located here:




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