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Hardlock problem


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we just got GMS 6.5 Modflow software package with hardlock key. When i install it and the hardlock driver it goes without any problems untill

I start the software. I still get a dialog saying Demo mode or Register. I click register and choose Single user hardware lock. After that i get a message :

Number of hardware locks found : 1

Hit finish to continue, or retry.

But after that the sofware still runs in Demo mode.


Thanks, matevz

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I went through the same thing the other day. Ireceived the hardware lock with no instructions and tried installing the drivers on the v6.5 CD (but had a feeling they were the old ones for the parallel port hardware lock). Sure enough, the USB hardware lock didn't work. I went to the EMS-I site, clicked on technical support and got to the following page which walked me right through things (there is a different driver installation file which is not on the CD). Also, if you download the latest build of v6.5, I think it now automatically walks you through the same thing.



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I'll assume that you followed the following instructions:

"Next to the Sentinel Protection Server and Sentinel Keys Server options select the drop down menu and select "This feature will not be availible." A red "X" should then appear in front of these two options. The Parallel Driver and USB System Driver options should NOT show a red "X" in front of them. Now, select Next and Finish. (Follow these instructions exactly as this step is very important!) "

That was the key for me....

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