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change direction of mini grid increment

Todd Wood

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A GMS user suggested that pressing the up arrow should go to a higher layer (lower k value) to be consistent with the display and more intuitive to the user.

From the user: "In the min-grid plot you press the up arrow to go from layer 1 to layer 2 to layer 3 (etc) but layer 1 is the top layer and layer 3 the bottom layer and it is more natural to press the down arrow to down the layers. Indeed, the tutorial (MODFLOW grid approach) says to press the decrement button to go down from layer 1 to layer 3 (which would be sensible) but you have to press the increment button to do that - which is confusing and should perhaps be changed in future versions."

Would it be possible to add a preference to change the order in which the spin control for the mini grid so it is more intuitive?

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