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ADCIRC forced by river flow b.condition


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Good day,

I am running an ADCIRC-2DDI simulation for a wide domain including an ocean boundary type

condition forced by astronomy components and a non periodic normal flow boundary condition for

a river cross-section located inland, outside the area of tidal propagation. The inflow is specified as

essential boundary condition with tangential slip, with a stage hydrograph. I am using the wet and dry

option as well. The simulation runs ok. However when I check the results, the tide propagation is fine

but there is no flow (no wetted elements) downstream the river section. I tried as well with higher

inflow rates (200 m3/s for a 100 m cross section width) and all kind of values for WSE, according to

what written in http://aquaveo.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=634&st=0&p=1725&hl=+normal%20+flow&fromsearch=1entry1725

The other parameters for creating the hydrograph should be fine, as the model runs until the end.

Any suggestion to solve the issue?

Thank you.


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