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RMA2 Simulation problem


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i am working on RMA2 module. Model check shows that there is no technical problem. But during simulation when "Run Model" is assigned then there is a problem in simulation. Thus full execution of model is not done. Before completion of total simulation it terminates. i tried to solve this problem but i do not understand it. I am also attaching its "output.txt" file with this post. At the end of this text file it show that problem is there.

As i dnt understand what it told so i am looking forward if any one could tell me what's the problem. If know then please help to get through this.




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Hi mithun,

The output file reports the problematic element at the end of the file (Element number 234), but it is difficult for us to say what the problem is with the element without looking at the files. Could you please upload your files to our FTP site so we can take a look at the model by following the instructions below?

1. Create a new folder with a unique name on your computer and copy all of your project files into it. (please zip up the folder)

2. Open windows explorer (My Computer).

3. Enter "ftp://pubftp.aquaveo.com/incoming/" in the address bar.

4. (If the "Log On As" dialog box appears) check the box labeled "Log on anonymously" and click "Log On".

5. Copy the folder with your project files in it into the "incoming" folder.

6. Send an e-mail to support@aquaveo.com telling us the name of the folder you uploaded and exact steps taken to produce the problem.

*Please help us stay organized by putting all of your files in a single folder before you upload them. After you upload the files, you will not be able to edit them.

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