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I think i should give thanks to the "Forum members", who gave answers of my previous posts.

Today i like to share another problem of my one of my going project. I have completed entire mesh of a river. It is necessary for me to assign three different material properties for this river (i.e. Left_bank, Center_bank, Right_bank). But unfortunately, i can't , it shows me only one material of the whole section.

So, it will be very helpful if i get this thing done. so who will help me again.


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Hi Mithun,

You can assign a material to an element by right clicking on an element with the "Select Element" tool and selecting "Assign Material Type", selecting the desired material in the "Materials Data" window and then selecting "Select".

If the "Materials Data" window does not appear, please try selecting "Elements | Options" and then making sure the "Prompt for material when assigning" option under "Materials" in the "Element Options" window.

Also, you'll need to make sure you create the materials you'd like to assign to the elements. You can do this by selecting the "New" button in the "Materials Data" window.

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