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Displaying head contours in 3D

Mark Bentley

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I simply convert heads to 3d scatter data set and map it to active tin.

1.select heads in modflow, select 3d grid, grid menu, grid -> 3d to scatter points

2.create tin from your coverage defining model boundary.

3.select scatter points and interpolate to tin (edit z magnification to enlarge z values).

I also export the 3d scatter points to txt data, edit them in spreadsheet and contour them in Surfer.

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If you want to see a 3D surface of the water table you can do what the previous post suggests. You can also make a matching 2D grid (Grid | Grid -> 2D Grid) and then convert the head data set to a 2D data set (Grid | 3D Data -> 2D Data). Another option in 3D is to create isosurfaces (you can think of these as 3D contours).

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