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Modlfow - how to read flow across lines

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I get a running modflow model with 2 boundary conditions (constant heads h=10 and h=1) in stationary conditions.

The head contouring show me the calculated water level.

I want to know the flow rate across the boundary condition. I select the arcs and I get the flow data in the status bar.

Is there any way to draw a new arc in the middle of the model and get the flow across this arc?

I get only the length.

I tried the following with different results:

1. draw a polyline, set a zone budget value, open the flow budget and read the total flow in/out.4

2. select the arc drawn, mouse right click, select intersecting object (3d grid), read the flow budget of the selected cells (for each of my layers)

Any suggestion?

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I select the intersecting 3d grid element and read the flow budget (as you suggest and as #2 of my previous post).

The only disadvantage is that I have to repeat the whole process for 7 layers!

When I use the polygon I've to recompute all flows, mixing both the arc flow and the zone ID one, as the flow budget reports total volume of water.

Thanks for response.

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